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Worried What Will Happen to That Tree in the Hurricane?

Here in beautiful Central Florida, we like to keep our lawns looking their best year-round. Unfortunately, we have more than our fair share of nasty weather, particularly from June to November. We’ve had some fortunate years without hurricanes, but they remain an ever-present risk in our area. While you can’t control the weather, you can take steps to prepare your home, your lawn, and your trees for hurricane season.

While we are certainly prepared to help you clean up in the aftermath of a big storm, we can also help you prevent ever having issues with your trees in the first place. In any given hurricane season, we may experience as many as ten hurricanes or equally serious storms. Even if we’re fortunate enough to avoid a major weather event, we can still expect strong winds and fairly regular rain storms throughout the season.

Hurricanes can do a remarkable amount of damage to your home, lawn, and trees. Everything from small branches to large limbs can be torn from your tree by the force of the wind and rain. In the event of a named storm coming through town, you may even see large, seemingly healthy trees pulled up by their roots. Luckily, we offer full service hurricane season tree service to prepare your yard for what’s coming. One of our experts will visit your home to evaluate your trees and their place in your lawn. We’ll assess the most likely problem areas that will be affected by strong winds or other weather. We will then strategically trim and prune your trees, leaving them healthy and ready to face the coming storms. We’ll pay particular attention to limbs or branches that are near power lines, structures, or your home. These are the most likely to cause damage to these structures in the event of a storm. If necessary, we’ll recommend removing diseased or dying trees that may not be able to withstand the coming rains.

The key to keeping your lawn in tip-top shape is maintaining your trees whenever the need arises, regardless of how long it has been since your last tree service. Consider hiring a professional to trim your shrubs and trees as hurricane season approaches. Taking action now can help you prevent costly damage to your lawn and your home. Let our experts do the hard work for you! Schedule your free hurricane season tree service consultation today!

Lakeland Tree Trimming via Bucket Truck



Why choose Creative Edge?

  We don’t use laborers – only trained and experienced climbers

  We have all necessary equipment, including bucket trucks, lifts, and cranes are at our disposal

  We offer a pre-hurricane / storm season preparation service to remove all dead or questionable limbs.  We also offer a post-hurricane / storm cleans up service


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